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Challenges for Owners of 3G Chargers:

  • AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon shutting down 3G beginning Feb 2022.
  • Owners with 3G connected EV charging stations will lose monitoring and managing functionality, and chargers will become obsolete.
  • Drivers using 3G chargers will no longer be able to use charger location services or make credit card payments.
  • JuiceBar competitors are charging owners thousands of dollars to upgrade their chargers to 4G.


  • All JuiceBar charging stations are smart, future-proofed, and on the 4G network.
  • JuiceBar is offering Trade Up program to impacted 3G connected charging station owners.
  • Trade Up program includes a $1,000 rebate and 10-year guarantee on 4G network.
  • JuiceBar chargers include a 90-day return guarantee.

See FAQ below for more information.

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Trade Up Your Charging Station to Reliability, Flexibility, Speed and 4G.

Get a $1000 rebate for every JuiceBar charger you purchase when you upgrade from any other brand.

JuiceBar offers 'Trade Up Program' to owners of affected 3G-connected chargers. 

Owners can replace competitor units with a US-made, state-of-the-art JuiceBar charger and receive a $1,000 rebate and the peace-of-mind that comes from JuiceBar's 10-year guarantee on our 4G LTE CatM1 charger, suitable for the IoT band.

"Owners of EV charging stations are rightfully anxious that their 3G-connected chargers will become obsolete and lose functionality soon," said JuiceBar CEO Paul Vosper. "Our customers will be unaffected as we use the 4G network on our chargers. While the shutdown of 3G has been known for quite some time, the continued use of 3G modems leaves those site hosts in a bind."



Why are some EV chargers having issues with the end of 3G?

Many competitor companies have proprietary hardware that is compatible only with the 3G network. These chargers depend on 3G connectivity to provide owners and customers services like management, monitoring, and charger payment.

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How will I know if my charger is affected by this 3G interruption?

Many popular chargers are all tied into the 3G network, but many other chargers may be affected by this change. Without replacement or upgrades, your EV charger will not function. Make sure to check with your EV charger provider to see if your unit will be affected.

What are my options if I have a 3G EV charger?

If your current EV charger is dependent on a 3G network, you have two options: upgrade your obsolete charger or replace your charger with a new unit.


If my charger company will upgrade the unit, why replace my device?

Upgrading your charger's hardware can cost you thousands of dollars, and the result is a unit that is still outdated and needs further hardware upgrades in a few years. A better option than enduring the high cost of updating obsolete EV chargers is replacing them with superior JuiceBar chargers. 

Is it cheaper to upgrade rather than buy a new charger?

Not necessarily. Depending on which company provides your charger, you could be billed thousands of dollars for an upgrade. JuiceBar provides a Trade Up program that offers $1,000 towards replacing existing functioning or non-functioning EV chargers from any other brand.

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How do I know JuiceBar chargers will work when networks eventually update to 5G?

JuiceBar chargers use an open protocol system, allowing you to choose your own network. If you decide to switch networks, JuiceBar chargers will enable you to retain existing hardware. JuiceBar is so confident with our chargers we offer a 10-year guarantee.

How quickly can we get a JuiceBar charger?

All JuiceBar chargers are manufactured in the United States and shipped to you as quickly as four weeks.




As 3G service begins to shutdown, JuiceBar is offering a ‘Trade Up Program’ to replace other companies’ dated EV chargers with 4G models

Feb. 3, 2022

North American charging network JuiceBar is looking to expand its footprint of 4G EV chargers by swooping in to replace 3G models that will soon become obsolete. Through its new “Trade Up Program,” JuiceBar is looking to replace its competitors by offering a rebate and 10-year guarantee for customers who switch to its 4G chargers.  Read More

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Learn how to replace your 3G EV chargers and receive a $1,000 rebate and 10 year guarantee.